Unlock the power of behaviour

Behaviour is the key indicator of progress for students who have autism spectrum disorder and other behaviour management challenges. Unfortunately, traditional ways of recording behaviour offer—at best—a flawed picture.

Enter BeDoc, a SPEDASSIST top pick for educators and administrators looking to bring technology and behaviour management together to achieve better student outcomes.

BeDoc puts real-world data on student behaviour at your fingertips. You can quickly and conveniently enter information into a smartphone, iPad or other device to improve the tracking of students' behaviour. You can produce user-defined charts that give powerful insight into the progress of each student. Best of all, the program can be easily customized to meet your board's specific needs.

  • analyze patterns to confidently develop IEPs and positive behaviour intervention plans
  • track progress with real-world evidence of behaviour changes
  • record frequency and duration of behaviours
  • input more rigorous (and customized) behavioural assessment information
  • track IEP skill development
  • set reminders
  • instantly generate easy-to-view reports
  • designed with the student in mind
  • web/smartphone enabled
  • highly secure