Building the best tools for special education student success

SPEDASSIST was founded in 2003 with a clear and principled purpose: to help special education students reach their fullest potential by putting the power of information technology in the hands of teachers, administrators and parents.

In part, it's about freeing teachers up from tedious tasks so they can provide the best quality special education support possible. But it's also about giving metrics meaning—capturing, managing, interpreting and making use of the almost limitless data available through innovative software tools. And, finally, it's about building a more cost-effective and efficient special education system.

Today, SPEDASSIST has evolved its IEP management solution into a flexible, fully integrated special education product that is compliant with all Ontario Ministry of Education requirements and easily customized to meet the needs of educators, boards and regulators outside the province.

Our philosophy from the beginning has been based on the principles of partnership and collaboration—and the firm belief that it's only by putting our clients at the centre of product development that we can create the most innovative, responsive solutions possible.

We collaborated with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board on the initial development of SPEDASSIST, as well as Ministry of Education compliance. The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board helped us refine the "principal's checklist" functionality for IEP completeness. The Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board was our guiding star on the development of our timetable integration module. Recent partnerships with industry leaders such as Pearson and BeDoc mean we're able to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions that meet your needs better than ever—be they in the classroom or the board room.

In the end, SPEDASSIST is committed to building a better future: one where best practices in software development and information technology make it easier to implement best practices in special education.