Why SPEDassist


SPEDASSIST connects teachers, principals and school boards using the most efficient and user-friendly online IEP management solutions on the market. Our IEP writing software allows permission-based access to save, update and print Individual Education Plans (IEPs) all in one central location, reducing administrative overlap, improving accuracy, and saving time. And because our solutions are entirely web-based, you can access your IEPs whenever — and wherever — you like.

SPEDASSIST solutions are...


SPEDASSIST solutions are entirely web-based so you can work from your school, office, home...anywhere with Internet access!


By integrating with existing student information management systems, you avoid unnecessary data entry.


IEP data for the entire school board is consolidated into one database allowing for detailed analysis and reporting at the board level. Customized implementation allows SPEDASSIST to adapt to your indvidual special education program(s).


An online permissions-based administrative section offers extensive control over pre-defined selection criteria, allowing a high level of board-wide IEP standardization.


User validation is established via your existing LDAP authentication system with permissions granted based on the user’s role. Or, if you prefer, SPEDASSIST can be customized to meet your unique authentication needs. Data is fully encrypted, protecting student information from being accessed by would-be hackers.


Student profile information is provided from your existing student management system, eliminating conflicting contact information.