Why SPEDassist



A. SPEDASSIST is an online IEP writing software that provides permission-based access to create, save, update and print Individual Education Plans (IEPs). SPEDASSIST also supplies Identification Review and Placement Committee (IPRC) workflow and all related IPRC and IEP forms and letters.

SPEDASSIST is designed to integrate with your current student information management system to provide centralized, web-based access to IEP data. Security is anchored by a permissions system that restricts access according to the user’s role and school.

Q. How does SPEDASSIST work?

A. SPEDASSIST provides a web-based platform for consolidating all IEP, IPRC and form information into one convenient database. Now, student information is stored in one central location, improving workflow, communications, and the accuracy of information. Student profile information that is non-IEP-specific is derived from your existing student management system eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. And because it's entirely web-based, the database can be accessed outside the office—from virtually anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

Q. What browser(s) are compatible with SPEDASSIST?

A. SPEDASSIST requires the following minimum browser versions:

  • Firefox 6+
  • Chrome 14+
  • IE 8+
  • Safari 8+

Q. Is SPEDASSIST compatible with my current student information management system?

A. YES! SPEDASSIST was designed to fully integrate with Trillium as well as most alternate student information management systems. Please contact us for more information about your system’s compatibility with SPEDASSIST.

Q. Is SPEDASSIST compliant with the Ontario Ministry of Education information requirements?

A. SPEDASSIST was developed using the Ontario Ministry of Education standards for development and program planning. SPEDASSIST supports all of the Ministry's IEP standards, including:

  • detailed student profiles
  • strength and needs assessments
  • program details
  • strategy assessment: accommodations & resources
  • assessment, evaluation & reporting
  • provincial assessment
  • transition
  • parent/student consultation
  • staff management
  • information sources
  • date of completion

Q. Can I access SPEDASSIST from places other than my office or school?

A.YES! SPEDASSIST only requires an Internet connection. You can log in to your account from home, work, or anywhere else you have access to the internet. All you need is your login information.

Q. How secure is SPEDASSIST?

A. SPEDASSIST uses best practices in data encryption and user permissions and authentication to ensure the integrity and security of the information in your system.

Data encryption: All data transmissions between SPEDASSIST and its users are fully encrypted to the highest possible standards. In the unlikely event that data is intercepted, the intruder would see only a scrambled, unintelligible message.

User permissions and authentication: Each user is given a unique username and password for logging in, which may be derived from your existing LDAP system. User permissions are defined according to the user's role and school. A typical framework would include:

  • SERTs at school "X" cannot access a student list from school "Y";
  • Teachers are permitted read-only access or, if your board policies call for teachers contribute to IEP development, write access; and
  • Teacher access is restricted to students assigned to their specific classes, using the timetable integration option.

Q. Can SPEDASSIST be customized to fit the unique needs of my school or school board?

A.YES! We know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all IEP management program. We will work with you to customize data fields, selection criteria and permissions to suit the needs of your program.

Q. What about our old IEP data?

A.Our new object virtualization layer (OVL) allows us to connect to legacy databases. This technology means we can reference old data, leaving the legacy database intact, or facilitate data migration using advanced data mapping tools.