IEP Evolve

Features at a glance

Convenience, flexibility and integration—that's the SPEDASSIST approach. Customization is key. With SPEDASSIST, you can reorder, rename and remove workflow sections or add custom-developed workflows and IEP/IPRC section updates to better reflect your school board's processes.


Online access via any Internet-enabled computer IEP Feature
Monitored list workflow IEP Feature
Accommodations-only workflow IEP Feature
General notes section IEP Feature
Access log IEP Feature
Message board system IEP Feature
Auto logout countdown IEP Feature
Global variables for committee members and school contact information IEP Feature
Ability to integrate into your existing student management system for student, staff and school information IEP Feature
Compliance functionality to ensure valid identification, placement, and program information IEP Feature
Ability to export data into your existing student management system IEP Feature

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Completion dates and reasons for development IEP Feature
Areas of strength and need IEP Feature
Information sources consulted IEP Feature
Subject modifications, accommodations and alternative curriculum development tools IEP Feature
Learning equipment IEP Feature
Elementary program exemptions IEP Feature
Secondary program exemptions IEP Feature
Assessment accommodations IEP Feature
Assessment exceptions IEP Feature
IEP staff development team IEP Feature
Human resources IEP Feature
Special services & support IEP Feature
Accommodations IEP Feature
Community agencies involved IEP Feature
Consultation records IEP Feature

Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC)

Community agencies involved IEP Feature
IPRC dates (original, current, review) IEP Feature
Committee members IEP Feature
Others in attendance IEP Feature
Documents considered IEP Feature
Areas of strength and need IEP Feature
Identification IEP Feature
Placement IEP Feature
Remedial programs IEP Feature

Letters & Forms

School board-specific letters are added during the implementation process. Samples of forms we've previously implemented include:

IEP custom report builder IEP Feature
Transition plan IEP Feature
IPRC custom report builder IEP Feature
Invitation letter IEP Feature
Assessment form (includes standard tests like Brigance as well as customizable test fields and history) IEP Feature
Statement of decision IEP Feature
Principals checklist for IPRC review IEP Feature
Principal’s request for an IPRC meeting IEP Feature
Elementary & secondary parental invitation to the IPRC review IEP Feature
Statement of annual review IEP Feature
Referral to special services IEP Feature
Special transportation request IEP Feature
Application for approval to be excused from taking French as a second language IEP Feature
Referral to vision/hearing services IEP Feature
Consent to obtain release information IEP Feature
Learning enrichment teacher program support letter of notification and permission IEP Feature
School team meeting request IEP Feature
School team meeting action plan IEP Feature
Learning systems support letter of notification IEP Feature
Case load report IEP Feature