IEP Evolve

We speak IT.

Special education technology has to meet the needs of a diverse group—students, teachers, administrators and, not surprisingly, IT departments. EVOLVE has been developed with the kind of back-end functionality that makes it easier for IT departments to meet their objectives, not more difficult.

SIS integration and legacy data. Say goodbye to time consuming data migrations and nightly imports. EVOLVE's object virtualization layer (OVL) enables the application to integrate with existing data stores in real time through defining a set of schema meant to represent some form of data, which can be in multiple locations and formats. When this data is queried by the application, the OVL will consult these schemas and generate the appropriate queries for the respective data stores. Later, when data is modified in the application, it's split up and written back to the originating data store. Schemas can be modified, added or removed at any time. If a new piece of a data is required, it's just a matter of adding the appropriate schema. Want to avoid interfacing the OVL directly with the SIS? Staff, student and school data can be read from an MSSQL view, formatted to look similar to EVOLVE.

The benefits of pure JavaScript. By building EVOLVE as a pure JavaScript application, nothing gets lost in translation, development costs are kept in check and programming on the server side can natively access programming on the client side—drastically reducing the amount of twisting traditional programming needs to undergo to fit over the web.

One heck of a document database and a configurable import-export system. EVOLVE 's server has a document database that can handle the depth and complexity of SIS data with ease. You can import and export data from all datasets, including SIS and Ministry-required data, using our powerful translation system (ImportExportSynchronizer) that can handle import and export of SQL (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL and ODBC/JDBC), XML, CSV, the EVOLVE API and more. You get extreme flexibility during deployment, lower total licensing costs, and focused and auditable connections to other systems onsite. 

Flexible hosting options. Our managed hosting solution offers the best service level, uptime and value for your IT spending dollar. You get a 24/7 dedicated team to meet all your hosting and operations needs, including seamless connection to your local system using our SPEDASSIST Network Agent. But if your priority is keeping your data and the application onsite, you can host EVOLVE on your local network. We offer an unmatched level of support for SQL and no-SQL databases and can deploy EVOLVE on any operating system as a native Linux installation or a VMware appliance. For Windows customers, a Hyper-V installation path is provided at no extra charge.